Nearly Everyone Gets It Wrong On Their First Attempt. How Many B’s Are In This Image?


There are moments in life when we have to take a step back from the rat race and let our brains escape for a little bit. That’s why this fun brain game is garnering so much attention online. Hardly anyone can spot the correct number on the first try – but can you be the one to break the streak?

Keep scrolling if you’re in the mood to test your mind and want to have a little bit of fun!

Now, before you get started, it’s important to get your brain into the right space for your delightful break. The first thing you need to do is take a deep breath and relax any muscles in your forehead. From there, release your jaw if you’re clenching it, your shoulders if they’re tense and your back if it’s tight.

You want to be totally relaxed before giving your mind a vacation from the daily grind!

Once you feel your stresses melt away, take a long, hard look at the image below. Try to count how many uppercase B’s you see in the rows of 8’s. Only a select few can guess the correct number on the very first try…

I’ll give you a big hint – there are at least three!

Pro Tip: If it helps, try right-clicking and printing the image below. Having it in your hands could making solving the puzzle a bit easier!

If you counted 6 B’s, you’re the puzzle-solving master! Check out the image below to see where each B was hidden.

Were you able to get it right on the first shot? Write “yes” or “no” in the Facebook comment section to gauge your mental ability – but be sure to keep the solution a secret. Everyone deserves to have a little fun during their day too!

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