Officer’s Body Cam Catches His Frantic Dog Rescue


Kristen Seldon was walking with her dog, Yeti, in Nederland, CO, when the pooch suddenly ran off.

The Great Pyrenees/golden retriever mix got thirsty and went to drink from a nearby stream, Seldon recalled to the Denver 7 News. But the stream had a vicious current that day, and it pulled her in.

After making sure her baby carriage was secured on the side of the road, Seldon ran to the stream and saw poor Yeti struggling to get out.

That’s when local police officer Jake Smith showed up to save the day, much like the Indianapolis cop who rescued a small dog that was hit by a car.

This time, the frantic rescue was all caught on the officer’s body camera. Officer Smith is seen running to the scene, grabbing the 95-pound dog’s harness, and lifting her out of the water.

“He really saved her,” said Seldon, who is also heard thanking Officer Smith in the clip. “I don’t know what I would do without her. She’s always been my best friend.”

The video was also shared on the news station’s Facebook page, and users commended the cop for stepping in, including one who wrote, “Nice to see animal-loving officers out there.”

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