Old dog dropped off and left to die because he’s “too yucky” to live, makes glorious transformation


If you have never known one thing about dogs is that they only need to be shown some love by their owners. Just that! This is what this dog by name Nik Nak wanted all his life.

When the owners of Nik Nak took him to a veterinary clinic nearby, the vets were more than surprised when the owners told them that it was advisable for them to just sacrifice the dog. This information shocked them a great deal. The reason the owners gave was that the dog was too disgusting to keep on living and it was a better option to have him killed.

The vets were happy and relieved because the owners were no longer the owners of Nik Nak. They bathed him for the very first time in his life and made sure that they took good care of him. With time, he started to change health wise. The bad skin layers on his face started disappearing with time and started looking like a normal dog. They came to discover that the dog was in such a terrific condition because the former owners never took care of him.

Kam Nurock came and took the dog to become her foster parent. She took good care of him till the time came for him to be fully adopted to a permanent home by some caring family.

Surprising enough, that caring family was none other than Kam herself. Watch the clip below to see Nik Nak in his new home. Please SHARE it with all the dog lovers on Facebook to let them know that all dogs have a right to live a good life!



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