Only 10% of people can find the festive phrase in these tangled lights? Can you?


Three Christmas brainteasers are going viral this week, and they’re leaving internet users everywhere stumped!

The designers of the brainteasers say that less than ten percent of people can find the festive phrases in these fairy lights in under thirty seconds. Scroll down to see how long it will take you!

Here’s the first one:

And here’s the second brainteaser:

Finally, here is the third brainteaser:

The designers say that 21 percent of people could not find the words at all. Observant people will spot the word “yuletide” hidden in the shape of a reindeer in the first puzzle. In the second puzzle, you’ll see the word “North Pole” in the center of it, which the designers say it will take the average person 49 seconds to spot.


Finally, the word “mistletoe” is in the third puzzle, and one person spotted it in a record seven seconds!

The brain is effectively a muscle, and like any other muscle in your body, it needs to be worked out as much as possible. Brainteasers like this one are the perfect way to keep your brain in the best of shape!

These aren’t the only Christmas brainteasers that are going viral. For example, can you spot the sock in the festive image below?

The designers of this brainteaser say that women typically find the sock faster than men, and the current record for finding it is 45 seconds.

Here’s the answer as to where the sock is:

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