This Unique Brand Of Rainbow Dye Makes Your Hair Glow In The Dark


Thanks to ever-changing products and technologies, countless exciting new hair trends have emerged in the past few years.

Many people are now looking to spice up their personal styles, and some are even trying out more daring do’s, like with this hilarious hairstyle that turns hair into a top hat.

For decades, Manic Panic has produced amazing hair and makeup products that are ingeniously fashionable.

They have come out with unique colors in the past, like a sensual ‘Vampire Red,’ the dazzling ‘Electric Lizard,’ and an ethereal ‘Virgin Snow.’

Their newest line of hair dyes has every color of the rainbow — but each with one very peculiar property.

These dyes will only last for about five weeks, but on every single night during those five weeks, the colors will do something absolutely breathtaking!

Scroll on down to see how magical these special dyes appear in the dark, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Established by sisters Tish and Snooky in 1977, Manic Panic started out as a hair coloring and cosmetics company based in New York City.

Their idea was simple: to add flair to the punk and rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle.

Decades later, the company has grown to incorporate amazing lines of foundations, eye makeup, hair extensions, and dyes.


Manic Panic offers “hair dyes in every color of the rainbow.”

All of their products are cruelty-free — meaning that all of it is vegan, and instead of being tested on animals, are popularly tried out and flaunted by celebrities.

Many famous people, including actor and singer Jared Leto, love using Manic’s line of neon-hued dyes.


Available in 44 different shades, the company’s “High Voltage” color dyes may look pretty standard at first glance.

Vibrant and sleek, each dye can be mixed and matched to suit any complexion, style, and skin tone.



But the line has one magical trait: It can glow in the dark!

Colors come with names like ‘Mermaid,’ ‘Electric Banana,’ ‘Electric Tiger,’ and ‘Pretty Flamingo.’


According to its website, the hair dyes are “the best of its kind” and utilize only ingredients that are vegan and free of paraphenylenediamine, a substance that is found in many permanent hair dyes.


Each little bottle of dye comes ready to use; there is no mixing required.

It’ll give a highlight effect to darker hair, and, even after the first few washes, will maintain its bright, electric color.


According to the website, the hair coloring process is a rather “serious commitment” of four to six weeks.

It also apparently works better for hair that has previously been lightened.

As with other semi-permanent dyes, it will fade gradually with each wash.


Containing roughly 10 ingredients, these dyes are made to become sensitive to black light.

Those who put their hair up in braids and intricate styles will have their tresses glow in spirals and exciting, peculiar patterns.


What a vibrant way to spice up your personal style!

Click here to visit Manic Panic’s website, and let us know if you’ll be trying this new hair trend.

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