An Orca Named Pickles Has Been Greeting This Kayaker For Years


Nathan Pettigrew lives in stunning New Zealand, where he doesn’t hesitate to enjoy every bit of what his beautiful surroundings have to offer. One of his favorite activities is kayaking in the crystal clear waters of the ocean.

Since he spends so much time in nature, it’s not uncommon for him to run into all sorts of wildlife. While he tries to keep a distance in respect to mutual safety for both him and the animal… Sometimes these creatures get a little curious.

Pettigrew has come pretty much face to face with sharks, manta rays, and whales. But there is one Orca he holds near and dear to his heart. Ever since 2010, an orca with his dorsal fin bitten off by a shark, or maybe even another orca, has been swimming up to the edge of his kayak. Because of the distinguishing mark on the fin, Pettigrew is sure that it’s been the same young orca keeping friendly with him for the past five years…so he decided to give him a name.

Known as Pickles, this orca is gentle, friendly, and playful. Pettigrew has seen him swimming with his pod and off on his own…but the big animal never fails to meet up with his old pal whenever he comes kayaking in the neighborhood. Pettigrew thinks that Pickles is somewhere around ten years old, so he’s got many more years ahead of him. That is if we learn to treat animals like him, as well as their homes, with more respect.

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