Owner Dumped Her at Shelter and Took Her Babies Away – Watch The Tearful Moment They’re Reunited Again


Noelle is one of the innocent dogs that have tasted the bitter side of humanity. She was abandoned at an animal shelter by her own human!

However, things didn’t turn out so bad for her. The shelter staff took care of her. But they soon realized that she was in pain, and she was sad. Looking at her, they could tell that she had had a litter that she had been feeding. They embarked on an operation to find and rescue her “kids” too. They did some digging online till they found the puppies on a sale listing. Turns out, the guy who dropped off Noelle at the shelter was the same guy selling the puppies. What a crook!

They had to come up with a plan to rescue the pups. They offered to buy them off in order to reunite them with their mum. Watch the clip here and witness the excitement when the little ones got to reunite with their mom. All of the 7 dogs are now adopted and happy at their forever homes. Nice!



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