Man Takes An Old Dirty Garage And Turns It Into A Beautiful Living Space


Jérémie Buchholtz is a photographer and he splits much of his time between Paris and Bordeaux. He was in need of an apartment in Bordeaux, but his funds were limited. When he stumbled upon an abandoned garage that was for sale for 80,000 euros he saw promise. His friends didn’t think he could do anything with it; it had huge metal doors, light didn’t really get inside and it was a mess.

Jérémie contacted an architect friend of his, Matthieu de Marien, and asked him to take a look since he specialized in converting odd spaces into homes. Knowing he had his friend on his side, Jérémie purchased the property and set about making the garage a home. The space was already small, but in order to allow more light in, they decided to set aside 12 square meters for an open patio surrounded by windows. An exterior door allows for privacy, but also enables him to get more light when he opens it all up.

In this video you get a nice tour of the place, including the unique piece of furniture that is multifunctional and gives the appearance of a home within a home. Check it out. Do you think you’d be able to live in a converted garage? I’m personally fond of the cute little patio.



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