Owner tells Cat it’s time to go home. Cat’s comeback is leaving the internet in stitches


Sometimes, our pets do the grooviest things when we least expect. Some of their actions will leave us reeling in laughter and others seething mad.

Some pets even have the guts to argue with their owners. The video below of a feline arguing with her owner has gone viral and will leave you hysterical.

Cosmos, the cat, wants to extend her playtime in the garden. However, her mom is not ready for that. That is what makes the feline to plead to stay outside for a few more minutes.

The cat’s owner remains firm and ignores the feline’s pleas. Despite that, cat refuses to move as she pleads her case.

“A few more minutes please,” she says in cat language.

At some point, the kitty starts wailing like a little kid. If you thought animals do not throw tantrums, you are mistaken. It appears the cat is not willing to give up the fight anytime soon.



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