A Pair Of Young Cousins Rescue A Trapped Dog, Become Heroes


Two young cousins — James and Kayden, ages 9 and 6 — were recently playing at a park in Mesa, AZ when they heard strange whimpering sounds up ahead. The boys went to inspect, and found something truly heartbreaking. Trapped in between two narrow walls, in the heat of the Arizona summer, was a poor dog crying for help.

The boys were so concerned that they ran home. James called 911 then the two took off running back to the park to flag down firefighters.

When the firefighters and Mesa Animal Control arrived at the scene, they found the dog in heat distress lodged in between two concrete walls. They hosed him down with water before safely lifting him free from the walls. “I was so impressed by these two boys,” said Mesa Fire Captain Steve Heyer. “They did great, they saved that dog’s life. That dog would’ve stayed there, not gotten out on its own and probably died overnight in this heat.”

The dog is currently being treated by a medical team, and is expected to recover thanks to these young heroes. James and Kayden were then given an awesome reward for their act of kindness — a tour on one of the fire trucks :)

It’s kids like these who restore my faith in humanity. Please SHARE this video with your friends on Facebook, and let’s get James and Kayden the recognition they deserve!



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