These Parents Of Triplets Experience Heartbreak After Birth


After they got married, everything about life seemed perfect. Once they were pregnant with triplets, it only got better. But when this happened, their whole world came crashing down.

The story of what happened to these two unfortunate parents is absolutely heartbreaking; no person should ever have to endure such an ordeal. Our hearts go out to them and anyone else in a similar situation.

According to, “Your choices about what to do when your baby dies are very personal, there is no right or wrong. You and your partner may think differently, or you may need time to decide what you want. The hospital should respect your wishes, whatever you ultimately decide.” Also, “Research has shown that many parents find touching and holding their baby at this time extremely helpful. This is especially the case if a baby has spent days in an incubator attached to tubes in a special care baby unit.”

In these sad times, it’s important to focus on the positive in your life, as opposed to dwelling on the negative. We here at Viral Novelty commend these two brave souls for sharing their story with us, but how did it make you feel? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section.



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