Parrot Thinks He’s Alone When Favorite Irish Song Comes On, Then Busts Out a Jig Like You’ve Never Seen


There are very many dancing styles that do exist in the world and tap-dancing is one of them. The fact is that not all people can dance it, but what about an animal performing the jig? In the clip below, you are about to witness what a bird can do when it decides to dance. Personally, I never even thought of ever seeing a bird dance in my whole life, and when I got a chance of seeing this one, surprise took me. Believe it or not, the parrot in the clip below was never trained how to tap-dance, he taught himself.

This parrot which is black-headed, has a passion of always jumping around even for no good reason. So when the owner noticed this, he decided it was better off to film him. They put the Celtic music as a back ground and went ahead to merge the music with the clip where the parrot is hopping. What an outcome! It just came out perfectly. I bet that this parrot has some amazing moves which outdo some people, me inclusive!



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