Passerby Leaps Into Icy River When He Sees Trouble Within


Shi Lei was pedaling his bike one chilly day on his way to work when he spied a commotion up ahead. A 70-year-old female had somehow fallen into the icy river below and had broken through the thin ice. She plummeted into the frigid, churning water below and was struggling to get out of her life-threatening situation. But the woman was panicking and as a senior citizen, she couldn’t save herself on the slippery ice.

Time was of the essence, because the freezing cold water could cause hypothermia to set in all too quickly. Witnesses started calling for help, but Shi Lei sprung into action and raced into the water. He scurried down a set of concrete steps leading down the river’s embankment to reach the woman. Onlookers captured Shi’s bravery and quick thinking as he slipped out onto the ice without one thought for his own safety. The 54-year-old just knew he had to help this poor woman who by this point had become limp. She even slipped under the water while Shi was trying to save her life.

Shi broke through the frozen ice with his bare hands and another man joined him who fastened a rope around a flat object that they hoisted the woman up onto. It helped give them some traction and make headway on the ice. They then pushed the woman up onto the ice and across the frozen river without incidence. Shi even escorted the elderly woman to her home and back to her relatives. Thank goodness Shi was passing by at that very moment and was willing to risk his own life to rescue this stranger. Watch the incredible footage for yourself in the video below!



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