Passersby Do A Double Take When A Car Changes Color Before Their Eyes


Fancy and exotic-looking sports cars are natural head-turners. If you’ve walked through a full parking lot or crossed a busy street, it’s hard not to get distracted by a futuristic car with a bright paint job.

This case was something different. When these people came across a brightly-colored Subaru WRX parked in the street, the car naturally caught their eye. However, when the car’s bright blue paint job suddenly changed to a shade of green, people had to rub their eyes. The change was so abrupt that one woman even dropped her belongings, while a boy had to put on his glasses to make sure he wasn’t seeing things. At the push of a button, the pranksters were able to change the color of the car’s paint job. That being said, we couldn’t find an explanation for how they did it. We can’t explain this process nor verify it, but what do you think? If you have an explanation, let us know in the comments down below.




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