350 Students Surprise Retiring Teacher With Emotional Flashmob


After teaching at St Julian’s Primary School in the UK for 25 years, beloved teacher Mrs. Margaret Gabica announced her retirement earlier this year. The staff and 350 students came together to give their favorite teacher a send-off she’dnever forget.

Once the school handed Mrs. Gabica a card and flowers at a special assembly, Mrs. Gabica headed outside to the playground where she thought was about to oversee recess for the very last time — but oh, how wrong she was! Her fellow teachers had secretly gotten a hold of the loudspeakers, after which 350 students, aged three to seven, presented her with an epic flashmob routine. Since one of Mrs. Gabica’s favorite musicals is Disney’s The Lion King, the students spent weeks learning a choreographed dance to a song from the show called, “He Lives In You.”

By the end of the surprise, Mrs. Gabica was overcome with such emotion that she was moved to tears — and so was I. The students joyfully dancing around her is such a touching sight to see, before they embrace with a big goodbye hug.

It’s moments like this that remind us the power of a great teacher. Please SHARE this wonderful flashmob video with your friends on Facebook, and spread the love!



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