Police Officer Films Her Hilarious Stand-Off With A Baby Owl


This past week, a Boulder County sheriff’s deputy got into a hilarious face-off… with the sassiest owl you’ve ever seen.

Deputy Sophie Berman and her fellow officers were driving near a Boulder campground when they were met with a young Northern Saw Whet Owl who wandered straight into their path. Sophie could tell the owl was looking to converse, so decided to take a few minutes out of her patrol to oblige the owl in a friendly back-and-forth. She kneeled down on the dirt road, took out her camera, and filmed their amazing interaction, all from her very own “bird’s eye view.”

It’s awesome to see the owl let Sophie get so up close and personal. Every time Sophie would “click,” the baby would talk right back with its adorable noises. It’s safe to say the owl won this round… It’s just about the cutest call-and-response I’ve ever seen!

After some curious head twisting and turning with those big, black eyes, the owl safely flew away. What an intelligent bird!

The Northern Saw Whet Owl is one of the smallest owls in North America. They’re known for making repeated tooting whistle sound, like a saw being sharpened on a whetstone.

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