They Took Their Dog To The Water Park. His Reaction Made Me Smile From Ear-To-Ear!


Corgis are probably my favorite dog breeds. With their disproportionate bodies, humorous liveliness, and optimistic nature, it’s no surprise that these dogs currently rule the internet. For instance, this corgi in particular will wow you with his cuteness as he runs and plays around the water park.

You can definitely tell that this corgi is having the time of his life — he can’t get enough of the water everywhere around him. It’s easy to see how much this corgi loves playing in the water as he runs circles around the park and jumps up to catch the water falling on him. The look on his face is priceless!

My favorite part was watching this dog’s adorable little legs jumping up as high as they can just to reach the dropping water. He’s totally into the simple pleasures of life! I absolutely love it!

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