Pregnancy Reveal Elicits Adorable Reaction From Grandpa


With the digital age well upon us, and cameras and iPhones to document nearly everything, we’ve seen the emergence of surprise pregnancy reveals. Typically, the soon-to-be parents will set up a hidden camera of sorts and reveal their pregnancy in a clever way to friends or family, only to catch their candid reactions on film. Then they post the clips on the internet where the best of the best go viral and reach millions of viewers. Imagine all the missed opportunities from

No matter how elaborate or involved the reveal is, the payoff is always a beautiful moment. Watching relatives and friends react to the wonderful news is always touching, as evidenced below. YouTuber Justin Hall and his wife wanted to catch their in-laws’ reaction, so they set up a small shrine with baby clothing and a sign reading “Baby Hall.” A camera was set up in the corner of the room, capturing each and every moment on film. Grandma is ecstatic, but it’s Grandpa who steals the show.



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