They Pull Over On The Freeway. Now Watch The Scared Pit Bull On The Left…


Hope For Paws is back with another incredible rescue video, and we’re so excited to share it with you. The team received a call about a scared, lost pit bull who was running up the freeway on-ramp toward fast traffic.

The dog was too frightened and timid to accept help from anyone, which is why this rescue could have ended up in a disaster. But thanks to the help of two off-duty animal control officers who happened to be passing by at just the right time, as well as the limitless care and patience of the Hope For Paws heroes, Tyrion is now safe and sound. Talk about perfect timing!

After a couple of minutes of calming reassurance, the pup’s saviors were able to slip a leash around his neck and carry him to the car. They named him Tyrion and drove him to the vet. In addition to extreme neglect, vets discovered Tyrion also suffered from a serious infection from a dog bite and had an injured paw.

After Tyrion recovered from his injuries, he moved to Hope Ranch Animal Sanctuary where he’s waiting for a lovely family to adopt him! What an amazing ending to this harrowing rescue.

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