French Bulldog Struggles To Breathe On Plane Ride. Flight Crew Steps In To Help.


If there’s anything to say about flight crews, it’s that they are incredibly underrated for their many job duties. There are moments where airplane staff calmly help instruct flyers on what to do during an emergency. They also have the capability to keep scared children tranquil on their first flight. The relaxed, patient, yet serious personalities of flight crews is something we can be thankful for in many situations.

In this viral story, we again realize how amazing flight staff really are. Plus, it just might leave your heart a bit softer and your eyes a touch watery!

A Jet Blue flight crew saved the day when flyers Michele and Steven Burt’s three-year-old French bulldog, Darcy, began to display signs of oxygen deprivation on a Thursday night flight from Florida to Massachusetts.



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