Puppies Are Buried in Muddy Flood Waters, Distressed Mama Digs Frantically


The United States has borne the brunt of the devastating effects of the raging hurricanes. There are numerous tragic stories of animals and humans affected by the natural calamity.

Some areas of Vietnam have heard bad weather too this summer. There are areas with frightening and deadly flash floods.

When such tragedies hit us, we think about our families and their safety. One mother dog proves nothing beats mother’s compassion.

The rains started falling and the dog knew her puppies were in a life-threatening situation. The areas that were previously safe started sinking.

Mama Dog had left her puppies in a hole to keep her safe from predators. She did not realize that the hole could soon fill up with water.

When she realized the severity of the matter, she had to act fast. Fortunately, her human friend was close by to assist her. As Mama Dog frantically dug the edges of the hole with her claws, her human friend helped drain the water.

Realizing that time was running out, Mama Dog held her breath, crawled into the hole and brought out the puppies. One of them was not breathing but her human helper intervened.



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