This Puppy Was Beaten and Dumped In A Plastic Bucket to Die. His Reaction to His 1st Bath is Heartbreaking


There are some people whom I don’t know whether they have feelings or not, like the person who had left a dog of the pit bull breed called Rudy in a plastic bucket to die. All this happened in 2015, at New York City, and an animal shelter was able to contact SNARR Northeast so that they can come to rescue him.

Upon being rescued, Rudy was found to be in a wasted state, in that, walking was a difficulty due to some wounds in his tendons. By just looking at him, the rescuers were able to determine that that Rudy was abandoned and left to die in the streets. The fur was in a bad shape, one of his front legs broken and was suffering from a Cushing disease. Rudy was taken to a medical home. SNARR left a description on Facebook saying that Rudy was very happy when they rescued him, although he never knew who the rescuers were.

After the rescue, Rudy was well taken care of by those at the foster home. In the clip below, that was shot in the second month of 2015, we can clearly see how Rudy loves to be fed with snacks while taking a spa bath. Bad news is that Rudy died a couple of months later because of his sick spinal cord

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