Why Does He Put Tin Foil On An Ironing Board? What A GREAT Trick!!


Did you know? Aluminum foil isn’t only good for wrapping leftovers. Just like vinegar can be used to clean lenses orWindex can be used to clean pans, there are tons of uses for aluminum foil, too. Yep!

Courtesy of the always amazing Household Hacker, here are quick and simple “life hacks:” the tin foil edition.

He explains each of these six amazing tips and tricks:

1. Need to scrape off the grill but can’t find that wire brush? Ball up the foil, get it deep between the grates and go to town.

2. Want to save some serious time ironing your clothes? Put a long strip of foil on top of the ironing board and replace the cover. Go to town. With all that heat reflection you can take care of both sides at once.

3. Can’t find the correct sized battery? Easily make up the difference with a little well placed foil goodness. We’ve covered this one before but its definitely worth repeating.


4. Hate struggling to move large pieces of furniture? No need to buy pricey sliders. Put a little foil on the bottom of the legs and glide on through.

5. Love bacon but hate getting rid of the grease? Dump it into a makeshift foil bowl. Once it hardens, ball it up and toss it out.

6. And finally, if you can’t find a funnel. Roll one out of foil instead. Transferring fluids has never been so easy.

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