Rescued Bull Snuggles With His Favorite Person


It’s not often that we see cattle showering humans with affection, or vice versa. That’s why it’s often easy to forget that these adorable creatures are just like other animals.

But in the video below, we see a bull named Paul spending some quality time with his human friend at Hof Butenland, an animal sanctuary in Germany.

The precious moment, which will probably bring a smile to your face, proves just how lovely farm animals can be.

It’s incredible to watch Paul licking the woman (much like the golden retriever who couldn’t get enough of a newborn baby). At one point, he even sits back and encourages the woman to pet his head. Who would’ve thought that a bull can have this type of a relationship with a human?

Yet, this friendly and adorable farm animal seems to be a normal occurrence at the animal sanctuary. I mean, how can we forget the time a bull pampered himself with a huge electric brush at Hof Butenland?

“We rescue and provide lifelong care for animals that have been saved from slaughter, neglect, exploitation and abuse. Hof Butenland is their lifetime home now,” Germany’s Hof Butenland wrote under the YouTube video.

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