Rescued Lamb Happily Hops Along With A Human And His Goat Friend


A lively lamb living in a sanctuary in Spain will steal your heart away.

In a clip shared by Santuario Gaia on YouTube, Birgit the lamb is seen hopping around as he plays with one of his human friends. Just watch the way the lamb chases him around the open yard!

At around the :40 mark, it’s also entertaining to watch him try to make friends with a pig, who unfortunately doesn’t seem to share the same enthusiasm.

It’s clear the lamb is enjoying his time at the sanctuary and he certainly has a reason to. Much like the pregnant goat who was saved by California’s Animal Place, Birgit will live a full life without fear of being slaughtered.

“Santuario Gaia is a haven for animals considered livestock. A place where those who have been exploited receive the necessary care to have a dignified life for the rest of their lives,” the organization writes on its website. “Our mission is to meet their needs for food, veterinary care, and emotional [stability]. Provide suitable facilities for each individual that gives them security, but at the same time allowing them to have as natural a life as possible.”

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