Rescued Pit Bull Saves Family From Devastating House Fire


In January 2015, Chris, Kelly and their two young children were sound asleep inside their Pennsylvania home. All of the sudden, they were awakened by their pit bull, Lou. The dog was barking furiously in an effort to alert his family members to the horrific fact that their home was on fire.

If it wasn’t for Lou, the family says they’d all be dead. Thankfully, their two older kids weren’t home, and their two younger kids happened to be sleeping in the master bedroom the night before. The family watched a movie together while Mom made a bed for them on the floor. Had the kids slept in their own bedrooms like they usually did, Kelly said she probably wouldn’t have been able to get them out. What a terrifying thought.

In another incredible turn of events, it turned out that Chris and Kelly rescued Lou from his previous owner, who was abusive. Pit bulls are a “bully breed” because so many people stigmatize these dogs. Time and time again, however, we see how loyal and heroic they can be. Looks like Lou wanted to return the favor in saving his forever family.

The fire destroyed all of the family’s belongings, but thanks to Lou — the dog they once saved — they’re still alive. Please SHARE this story with your friends on Facebook!




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