Rescuers rescued a wild horse that fell into a Muddy pond and walked for five hours


Relief Society team members Alberta Willis (HAWS) set off in search of newborns in Alberta, Canada when they were heartbroken.

They found a young wild horse stuck in a dirty swamp, and tried to pull themselves out of a hole 6 meters deep.

If someone had to find these helpless animals, this is a group of passionate animals.

They concluded that, firstly, the mare had a herd that apparently threw her after she fell into the pit.

Even worse, there was slippery ice on the edge of the swamp; he just can’t understand

But over time, I became more and more tired every minute.

For almost an hour, the group worked diligently to save the horse using a motorcycle and a large number of ropes. When they finally release him, we can say that they are tired and hungry, but instead of running away from his heroes, he remains nearby.

“He knew that we were trying to help him,” one of the rescuers told CBC News.

Watch the dramatic escape from the video below. These people are absolute heroes!



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