Restaurant Honors Veteran Who Ate There Every Day For 15 Years


For the past 15 years, the Whataburger of Tyler, TX, grew accustomed to seeing the same customer every day. World War II veteran Hudson Collins ate at the restaurant every day for breakfast, and even visited for dinner. His wife did the cooking and all the chores in their house, but when she passed, the veteran found a home in the Whataburger and a family in its employees.

The restaurant honored him and his service several times. For his 94th birthday, he was thrown a birthday party and received gifts from the employees. And on Veterans Day, staff stopped accepting payment from Hudson for his regular meals, his usual biscuits and gravy with three grape jellies.

On January 22, the veteran passed away. The employees noticed his absence over the course of several days, until they heard the news from one of his two sons. The funeral took place, and afterward, the veteran’s children and grandchildren returned to the Whataburger restaurant. There, they were met with an astounding sight.

His granddaughter looked out the window of their limo, and what she saw made her scream, “Look!” In front of them, on the marquee, was the restaurant’s own touching tribute to their favorite customer. The sign read, “RIP Mr. Hudson.” The family couldn’t express their thanks enough. Whataburger even picked up their tab!

What an incredible way for these employees to pay homage to a man they considered family.

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