Rhema Marvanne Is An 8-Year-Old Prodigy, But She Gives Mom All The Credit


I have a theory that just about everyone out there has a favorite gospel song, even if devotional music isn’t really your genre. Maybe you love a particular song, but only when it’s sung by your favorite artist, like this version of “The Prayer” by Josh Groban and Celine Dion.

Or maybe you’re just moved by the intense emotions that are at the root of this incredible sound. Gospel music as a genre evolved in the 19th century out of the religious practices of historically black congregations in the South; this is what prayer sounds like when it resists oppression.

But for a little girl named Rhema Marvanne, who you may recognize from her version of “Blue Christmas,” the sound of gospel music means something else all together. Now approaching her 13th birthday, Rhema is an accomplished  gospel singer who began performing as a way to stay connected to her mother.

Rhema’s mom Wendi died of ovarian cancer when her daughter was just 4 years old. Wendi used to love to sing gospel songs, and Rhema picked up the hobby as a way to keep her mother with her.

She’s performed just about everywhere, but this incredible video of Rhema, age 8, performing onThe Nate Berkus Show really hits home for me. She’s best known for her incredible singing voice, but what really gets me about this performance is the way she talks about her mom. Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean!

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