Roller Skating Siblings Stun Judges With Fearless Act


Most sets of siblings at five and eight years old spend their time together squabbling over toys and the remote control. Billy and Emily of Birmingham, England did not have that experience. Rather, at the tender ages of eight and five years, they began a journey together that would spur them to become best friends and the ultimate partners…in roller skating!

Watch the video below to see the absolutely incredible routine they unleashed while on “Britain’s Got Talent.” Several times you’ll see all of the judges and the show’s hosts, Ant and Dec, wince in disbelief while watching their gravity-defying moves. The choreography they pull off would be a feat even if they were only dancing – but the fact that they’re on wheels puts it over the top! What did you think of this performance? Let us know in the comments and on Facebook if you were as impressed as we were!



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