If I Saw This Below My Own Boat, I’d Be Terrified…


Traveling across the ocean, you never truly know what may be lurking in its depths. What creatures may lie at the bottom? Or even scarier, which are just below the surface?

The very thought sends shivers down my spine.

But what if you did know. What if you could see for yourself. Would you feel more at ease?

After seeing this, you might think ignorance is bliss.

Looking down from your boat, imagine you saw this all the way to the horizon.

Sandra Critelli

It’s a migration of epic proportion. A migration of golden rays!

Sandra Critelli

Twice a year, they migrate in the Gulf of Mexico to warmer waters.

Sandra Critelli

They typically move in groups of 10,000 members, making the ocean’s surface appear golden as they go.

Sandra Critelli

And although majestic looking, don’t get too close. Their poisonous stinger has been known to kill humans.

Sandra Critelli

Don’t fret though. They only attack when cornered. Meaning your wish to dive with them can still come true!

Rory Moore

So, when are you taking a trip?

Sandra Critelli
Sandra Critelli


(via NewsInPic)

Somehow I think you’ll think twice about wondering what may lurk below the waves after seeing this. Because next time it might not be such a friendly creature lying just under your keel.



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