He Was Scared To Start His First Day Of School… What His Mom Does? I Broke Down!


Moms often have a power that nobody else really has. Whether it’s comforting you when you are upset or pushing you to reach your full potential, they seem to always know the right words to say.

They also guide you through some difficult problems, like one mom who helped her daughter with her eating disorder. They also often put your needs first, no matter how challenging that might be.

In the below video for Johnson’s, the relationship between a mom and her child is perfectly shown from the time of birth to the scary first day of school.

Like many other children, the son felt nervous to leave his mom and start this next chapter. But, with one simple touch, his mom is able to put a smile on his face. As it turns out, he’s not the only one who needs cheering up.

Just wait for the heartwarming moment at the :41 mark — it emphasizes the strong bond that exists between a mother and her child.

“The power of your loving touch. It soothes him, it delights him, it nurtures his developing mind,” Johnson’s explains in the caption. “Then one day, his touch is as powerful as yours.”

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