World War II Siblings Reunite After Being Apart For 75 Years


Rose Burleigh and her brother John Stubbs had an emotional reunion 75 years after they last saw each other.

“You don’t know how much this means to me,” Burleigh told BBC.

With the help of a genealogist, the two siblings were able to embrace each other for the first time since 1938. That year, their aunt adopted Rose for reasons unknown. John, on the other hand, went to live with his grandparents.

Although their mother died three years later, the children’s soldier father made it out of a Prisoner Of War camp. When the father showed up to take Rose after the war ended, her adoptive mother wouldn’t give her up. They were then separated for good.

The two siblings tried to track each other down several times over the years, but they were unsuccessful. In turn, the siblings couldn’t contain their emotions during their long-awaited reunion.

The way Rose breaks down at the 1:40 mark proves just how happy she is to have found her long-lost brother. And it’s clear John feels the same as his relative explains that a part of him has always been missing.

“Getting down here was strange,” Stubbs also said. “It’s a job to describe it… But as soon as I saw her I thought, ‘Yeah, that’s my sister.’”

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