Teenager Becomes First Dad To Attend School For Teen Moms


For five decades, the Marian Pritchard School in Boise, ID was a school for pregnant and parenting girls. But recently, for the first time ever, it made a groundbreaking decision.

Anna never planned on being a teenage mom. She had no idea what to do when she got pregnant, but she was determined to finish high school while simultaneously raising her baby. But what about Jonathan, the father of her newborn?

This was a question often faced by the Marian Pritchard School. Jonathan never expected to be a dad at the age of 17, and he, too, wanted to continue his education while being a dedicated father. So, for the first time in 50 years, Marian Pritchard opened its doors to boys. Jonathan joined his son’s mother at the same school, which not only teaches regular classes but also parenting skills. For example, there’s a class dedicated to teaching teen parents how to change diapers.

Since the students are so young (as are their relationships), the school takes a realistic approach. The staff’s priority is teaching teenagers how to co-parent in order to set their children up for success in the future.

Today, the school serves not just girls, but “pregnant and parenting teens.” So far, the allowance of male students has proved highly successful.

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