Shampoo Prank Goes Wrong After Muscle Guy Finds Out What’s Going On


On the web, you’ve certainly seen pranks, where innocent victims got pranked while showering.They prank them by shaving the shampoo on their heads.

For such a prank, the HoomanTV Youtube channel has also been decided on these days!

This time, they prank the bathers on the beach after they approached public showers. While they were showering, the shampoo was poured on their heads from the top of the showers. Some reactions of the victims have taken care of a lot of laughter…

Among them was also a muscular man who could not believe that the shampoo from his hair could not be washed. When he found out who was pranking him all the time, the author quickly picked up his gear and fled.

Luckily, at the end, the muscular man relaxed, and gave the author even a handshake. See how the innocent victims reacted to the additional shampoo this time!

Source: klipland



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