Single Mom Blows The Judges Away — Now Keep Your Eyes On Her Sons’ Faces When She Sings


Becky O’Brien doesn’t only have a beautiful voice, she has an incredible story.

The Britain’s Got Talent contestant is giving the recent golden buzzer pick Boyband some stiff competition!

The 34-year-old deferred her dreams of being a singer to raise her five children. But what’s even moreincredible is that O’Brien courageously divorced her abusive husband.

A woman who puts her children first, even in times so bleak, should receive a standing ovation for that alone.

But when O’Brien sung Judy Garland’s “Over The Rainbow,” her pain became all the more pertinent. The lyrics, which illustrate the pangs of wanting a better life and feeling as though it is so close, yet so far, were performed beautifully and viscerally by O’Brien. Throughout her performance, you can see her tearing up — it’s that emotional and the sensation is palpable in the audience.

It was O’Brien’s 11-year-old son who encouraged her to audition for Britain’s Got Talent. He told her, “Why don’t you show Simon Cowell how it’s done!”

Though it was her oldest boy that pushed Mommy to live out her dreams, it’s her youngest one’s beautiful reaction that made me cry. You can tell these kids love their mommy…and that Mommy loves them right back.

“I was not expecting that. This is why we do this show, to find people like you,” Simon said.

Needless to say she won a vote from all four judges and definitely won over the audience’s hearts.

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