Coast Guard Saves A Pooch Stranded On The Ice


Members of the U.S. Coast Guard immediately stopped their ship when they spotted a dog stranded on the ice. The dog is believed to have been there for at least three days.

“The dog was in pretty rough shape. Cold, shivering, and just nonresponsive,” Commanding Officer John Henry, of the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Bristol Bay, told Detroit’s WXYZ. “We are talking four to five miles offshore.”

The crew members made sure the ice on Michigan’s Lake St. Clair was safe to step on before they walked over to the dog.

“I moved my way closer to him until I gained his trust,” Henry said. “A handful of lunch meats actually helped out that process.”

Photos later show them carrying the helpless dog on a stretcher in order to bring him on their ship. The incredible rescue is reminiscent of the time a brave man saved a dog from an open well in India.

The dog, whose name is KC, was later reunited with his family, who said he broke free of his leash and wandered off for days. The vet said KC would make a full recovery despite the traumatic incident.

“It’s amazing that they’ll stop to even help animals,” owner Jodi Benchich told the news station. “I’m just happy he’s here. That’s the only thing I can say.”

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