The sad grandfather was looking forward to meeting her again and realized that his daughter had lied to him


Landry James is always surrounded by women. In the meantime, I’m used to being the only man in the family.

He has two sisters, four daughters and two granddaughters.

At least this made him a patient and caring person, but he made mistakes; Landry was tired of being the only man in the family.

He did not know how everything would change, and, funny as it may seem …

When one of his daughters, Carie Elbe, found out she was pregnant with a boy, she decided to keep a major part of it a secret from her father. It was Carie’s aim to give him a surprise he wouldn’t forget in a hurry.

When the due date arrived, the whole family was in attendance to witness the birth.


But no one could have predicted just how overwhelmed Landry would be when he found there was finally going to be another man in the family

You see, Carey was very rude to her dad when she was pregnant. Although they told people they were keeping their gender a secret, he made it clear to Landry that the child was a girl.

For this, a new family member decided to come to Landry’s birthday! Before that, no one talked about sex …

How did Landry know he was a boy? Well, he didn’t know what to do.

To make Landry’s birthday even more special, her daughter decided to name her son after her grandfather. His name is Landry James (II). What a tribute!

Grandpa Landry’s answer will make you laugh. Enjoy his answer!

Watch this exciting discovery in the video below!

It is wonderful to witness the first days of a new life. Of course, sex should never play an important role in happiness – we’re sure he’ll be as happy as any other granddaughter – and Landry’s happiness is easy to understand after finally greeting the boy.



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