Soldier Returns Home Early To Surprise His Family At The Beach


JUst about anything can happen during a day at the beach, but there was one surprise Bethany Bronson never saw coming in a million years…

While this mom was out swimming with her four young children, she thought it was just a normal day enjoying the sun, sand and surf at a beach on Okinawa Island in southern Japan. Little did Bethany know that her family was about to get the surprise of a lifetime from under the water.

The family was having a great day, but there was someone in their family who was sorely missed. U.S. Air Force Doctor Capt. Hyrum Bronson had been on deployment in Afghanistan for six months at the time this video was recorded. The family didn’t expect him for a few more weeks when a family friend suggested that he record a video to send Dad and put a smile on his face.

In the adorable video, you can see Capt. Bronson’s young daughter Charity tell her dad that she will “love him for always,” while her mom says how badly she misses her husband. That’s when you can see some strange movement behind them in the water and out comes the Air Force captain in his fatigues and underwater scuba gear.

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