Single Mom Receives Generous $600 Tip From 2 Strangers At Waffle House


When Lauren Ball took the last table of her graveyard shift, she definitely wasn’t expecting to get the surprise her life at 4 a.m.

The 21-year-old Waffle House waitress from Kingsport, Tennessee took the table, when all she really wanted to go home. The two men racked up a bill of $24.49, but what they left well exceeded that number.

Lauren returned to the table to find a $600 tip from the two strangers!

We love seeing hard-working people benefit from others’ generosity. This pizza delivery driverwas blessed with a church’s sizable donation, and a struggling waiter received a whopping $5,000 for a new car. But Lauren isn’t just a working young woman. She is also the mother of 2-year-old Colton.

She had bonded with her customers through a mutual love for the Harry Potter books and told them about how she had spent all of her money on her son’s SpongeBob-themed birthday party. She didn’t want her father – who is unemployed – to pay for the entirety of the beach trip the family had planned for the next day, celebrating Lauren’s graduation from National College in Bristol, Tennessee.

“When I saw that it said $600 I started hysterically crying,” she told TODAY. “That’s like three paychecks. I asked why they’d do such a generous thing for a complete stranger and they said they just like to help people. Even the cook came over to make sure they were being serious.”

The two strangers even contacted Lauren on her vacation to make sure she was having a good time with her family — and she was, thanks to them!

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