Soldier Father Surprises His Three Children By Returning Home From Duty


When you see this amazing video, your heart will swell with patriotic pride! As three children take to a ball field to honor their Dad through a Skype call, they do not realize he is actually there in person. Soon, he sneaks up behind them and wraps them in a huge embrace. This moment will be something this family will likely never forget! When you see these sweet children being reunited with their Daddy, it will melt your heart.

It is important for people to realize these men and women have to leave behind their families to serve their country. Often, their families suffer because they miss them so. It is clear, this man is ready to spend time with those he loves most! In the video, you will learn he is planning on taking a month off and traveling with his wife, two daughters, and son. To honor this man and his service, Please SHARE on Facebook.



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