Quadriplegic Dog Makes Progress In Physio. But When Owner Sees Pup, It’s Not What She Thought.


Dogs are happiest when they’re running and jumping and digging and frolicking! They’re designed to play fetch and enjoy their freedom. Have you ever seen any animal run faster than a dog to catch a ball? Ok, maybe cheetahs are faster, but they certainly don’t run for balls!

Sadly, for 8-year-old Sammi, the once happy and healthy Springer Spaniel, his mobility was compromised. It as discovered one day that his bone marrow started to grow inside his spinal column, putting pressure on his spinal cord and causing problems that made him go limp. He went from playing to falling down and lost his ability to walk at all. Sammi became a quadriplegic.

Worried and fraught with the thought that her dog might not live, Sammi’s owner did everything in her power to help him. Sammi underwent surgery to remove the bone, but it wasn’t successful. Sammi lost so much mobility; he could barely lift his head. So his owner took him to California Animal Rehabilitation where the poor pup was worked on – even after she was told he wouldn’t walk again.



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