Her Son Says They’re Going To See A New Car, But That’s Not The Whole Truth

This is one heck of a birthday surprise. This mother-of-six thought she was meeting her son at a car dealership for lunch while he got his car serviced. What she didn’t know was that how she arrived to the dealership was going to be much different than how she would leave it.
 As she sits in her dream car, her son delivers the news that the car she’s sitting in is his gift to her…a gift of gratitude for her hard work over her 70 years of life. Never mind how nice it would be to even sit in one of these cars, let alone drive home with one, I am touched that any son would pay respect to his mother this way. You can see in her tears just how much this means to her, and I for one think the gesture is fantastic. What do you think?


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