Surveillance Camera Catches Puppy’s Hilarious Animal Shelter Rampage


While families all over the country were partying this past July 4th, one shelter dog decided to throw a party for one — and it was all caught on camera.

On the 4th of July, a rambunctious black puppy named Sadi decided to break out of her kennel and go on an epic rampage through the Arlington Animal Services building in Texas. Lucky for us, the surveillance cameras were rolling, and caught the whole thing! The pup can be seen sprinting up and down the hallways, bursting into every room, making a huge mess of the shelter’s paper towels and running amuck for five fun-filled hours.

Sadly, the party was over when the janitor arrived and discovered the paper towel massacre in one of the kennel rooms. Busted! The Arlington Police took the matter very seriously and says, “Sadi got into everything and we were able to identify her as the culprit after conducting an investigation and watching the surveillance video.” LOL!

But don’t worry about Sadi — since she was caught on camera, Sadi has been adopted by her forever family. I’m glad her new owners didn’t hold her criminal record against her

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