Surveillance Video Captures Scared Puppy Stuck In Pool As Unexpected Help Swoops In With Seconds To Spare


One of the most basic swim moves is called the doggie paddle, which stems from the way pooches navigate water, chopping with their front legs and kicking with their back legs. But what many don’t realize is that not all dogs can actually swim.

Dogs fall into three categories: they can either swim, be taught to swim or sink like a sack of bricks. There are a lot of water-loving breeds who relish frolicking in the water, but some dogs tend to not do well in the water, like bulldogs and dachshunds for example.

Facebook/Laurie Sorsen Becerra

That’s because their front legs are too short to help them stay afloat. Bigger dogs also have a harder time churning water for long periods, as do tiny dogs, because they tire all too easily.

Dog lover Laurie Sorsen Becerra owns one lovable dog named Remus who swims quite adeptly. But his buddy Smokey just cannot swim.

Facebook/Laurie Sorsen Becerra

One day while Laurie was at work, her husband Jay was outside with the dogs, then popped back into the house for just a few minutes. The dogs play around the pool all the time, she said, but this time was different.


The dogs were horsing around their Arizona pool when Smokey suddenly fell into the pool! Smokey started treading water, doing the doggie paddle, but panics.

Smokey doesn’t know to swim to the steps at one end of the pool and began flailing. Poor Remus ranalongside his friend in the pool who is floundering about.

But then Remus does something so incredible that he’s being hailed a hero. Remus jumped into the pool, swam up alongside his pal and helped boost him out of the water!

In the video below, you can see Smokey joyfully with four feet on solid ground out of the pool and shaking off the water. Remus navigated his way out of the pool and reunited with his best buddy by the door to the house.

When Jay discovered the dogs soaking wet, he decided to check the home’s security camera. Then he called Laurie and told her what had happened — she was shocked!

“Smokey can swim just not well … Remus may be a crazy pup but he’s got a heart of gold!! My hero.”

Thank goodness Remus was brave and dove in when Smokey needed a helping hand — or nudge. What a good dog!

Facebook/Laurie Sorsen Becerra

Watch their poolside antics in the video below. Remus really came to the rescue for his best pal.



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