This Swimming Technique Teaches Babies How To Save Themselves From Drowning!


Every year, hundreds of babies die from drowning in pools. There is a way some parents are protecting their children — by employing a radical approach. With the proper training, a baby can learn how to swim and flip over to breathe when they get tired. This video is an example of what can be taught to any child.

At first, it’s difficult to watch these babies gasping for air in the pool, but the man holding their heads and standing right by their sides won’t let anything happen to them. He’s fireman and instructor with Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) who teaches babies from 6 months old to kids from 6 years old how to save themselves from drowning. The main lesson is learning how to roll on your back and float.

“We’re moved into a property that has a large pond, and I’m a worry-wart, and I want to give my daughter the skills that in case there is an accident that she’s prepared,” one mom says.

In no way does this video advise parents to just throw their children into the water and expect them to swim. Not only is that extremely dangerous, but it’s also a quick way to traumatize your child and scare them from ever swimming. ISR uses specialized techniques in training infants and toddlers.

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