The cast of The Lion King from Disneyland Paris surprise train passengers with a performance of ‘Circle Of Life.’


This iconic song became a standout hit after accompanying the 1994 Disney animated film, The Lion King. The song was composed by Elton John and the lyrics were written by Tim Rice.

The iconic tune climbed the Billboard charts and still remains a beloved favorite today. ‘Circle Of Life’ will even be featured in the new live-action remake of the Disney classic.

Today, this song is coming to life in an entirely new way. At Disneyland Paris, the park is gearing up for the upcoming Lion King and Jungle Festival. To celebrate the start, cast members from the festival came together at a Paris train station.


As travelers walk by, the singers start to belt out the famous lyrics. Little by little, a crowd starts to form and people take notice of the incredible performance happening right in front of them. More and more singers join in and once they start clapping, the whole crowd joins in too.

By the end of the song, the cast is surrounded by passerbys with their phones in the air, recording the entire moment. This was definitely a surprise that no one saw coming but I’m sure it brightened a lot of people’s day.

Source: godtube



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