They’re Afraid This Deaf Dog Will Never Get Adopted


For a pet, spending so much time in an animal shelter isn’t really the best thing to happen to them. It’s even harder for a pet with a disability.

More than that, it’s much more difficult if the said disability touches on an animal’s hearing ability. That’s what makes this story especially interesting. It’s inspiring!

When they rescued her, the shelter staff didn’t know Rosie was actually deaf. They would try to talk to her and give her commands but she didn’t get any of it. That’s when they realized that the poor dog had a hearing impairment. When they finally “got it,” the staff didn’t give up on Rosie. They started teaching her sign language. She could now understand basic commands like responding to a call or sitting down.

Rosie was a learner, and a sharp one at that!

In the clip, you get to witness the heartwarming moment when Rosie finally got to meet someone of her kind, someone who understood her situation; someone who understood her language. These two will make a great team and best friends!



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