You Think You Know Something About Starbucks? Well, You’re Probably Wrong.


Starbucks addicts. We all know those people.

Those Starbucks aficionados think they’re super cool when they order their mega-complex drink. Venti half white mocha, half cafe vanilla, ez ice, with 2 shots pour appigato style with whipped cream and caramel drizzle frappachino, please! (Yes, that’s a real drink). They won’t go to any other place for coffee, and buy every piece of coffee equipment they can from inside the stores. But no matter how big of fanboys they think they are, we’ll bet you can beat them at their own game by knowing all about these 18 awesome locations they’ve never even seen.

Seriously, you may be familiar with Starbucks, but you probably haven’t seen any location like this before.



1.) Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

2.) San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

3.) Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai.

4.) 99 St. Martins Lane in Covent Garden, London.


5.) In shipping containers in Tukila, Washington.

6.) Toyama Kansui Koen, Japan.

7.) 8,000 feet at Squaw Valley, California.

8.) Dazaifu, Japan.


9.) A former bank vault in Amsterdam.


10.) Starbucks Porto Chino in Bangkok, Thailand.


11.) Seoul, Korea.


12.) Xi’an, China.


13.) A train in Zurich, Switzerland.

14.) Navy warship USS Boxer off the coast of California.

15.) Shanghai, China.


16.) Bejing, China

17.) Breckenridge, Colorado.


18.) Allure of the Seas cruise ship by Royal Caribbean International.


(H/T: Lifebuzz)

And here, I thought I knew everything about Starbucks…

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