If You Think She’s A Normal Dancer, Think Again. When She Gets Up


Daria Kondakova, a currently retired Russian rhythmic gymnast, performs the second All Around WC in 2010, in this spectacular video. The graceful Russian rhythmic gymnast begins the individual qualifications working with a beautiful golden ball as you will see in this video. She received the second best result of the day, scoring a 29. She scored 9.75 for difficulty, 9.75 for artistry of her performance, and 9.55 for her execution of her gymnastics, in this video.

Coached by Anna Shumilova, Daria Kondakova is the 2010 World Champion in Rope as well as a triple time (2009, 2010, 2011) world all-around silver medalist, the 2010 European all-around silver medalist, a double time (2009 & 2010) World Cup Final all-around silver medalist, and a double time (2009 & 2010) Grand Prix Final all-around silver medalist.

Ms. Kondakova retired from rhythmic gymnastics following a knee surgery that included a significant amount of recovery time. She is currently coaching gymnastics and choreographing gymnastics routines and music. Her students are currently Patricia Bezzoubenko and Victoria Veinberg Filanovsky. Definitely feel free to share this on Facebook!



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